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After School Hours Care Program

After School Hours Care Program

We have been running Discovering DisAbility & Diversity in a number of Outside School Hours Care Groups very successfully. The program has had some exciting results and the participants have really enjoyed it and learned from it. We bring the program to you. We are totally mobile so you do not have to pay any extra transport costs. The program also caters for all age groups early childhood, primary and secondary.

The program works very well as a learning activity for the vacation care program. We have been to a number of different schools with Darling Heights State School and Newtown State School being two that stand out. DDD is more than a show, it is a learning experience. The participants learn all about the many disabilities that people in their community may have. They learn that some disabilities can't be seen, for example Autism, and that all people are unique. We impress the value of diversity in our country and explore culture on a number of levels.

Session format

It begins with a 10 minute group discussion and question and answer session. We set up 15 different disability learning experiences around the room. Each centre relates to a different disability and a different way of doing a task. We then divide the children into groups of four and after we have demonstrated all the challenges we give them four minutes at each table in their group. So the children get to experience all the disability areas and participate in the wheelchair challenge. Every child has a turn in the wheelchairs and every participant receives a wheelchair license and a lollipop. 

  • Totally mobile - we come to you
  • Cater for all age groups - early childhood, primary, secondary
  • Maximum group size - 40 - works best with 35 or less

Session length

The program runs for approximately 90 minutes. However we are flexible to fit into your time requirements.


A full time registered teacher staffs the program and one part time early childhood assistant. Her broad experience and diverse backgrounds bring a depth to the program.

    Dr Sharon Boyce

Cost on application

How to book

Email to request the dates that suit you