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Practical Solutions Workshop Series

Teacher Professional Development - Practical solutions workshop series

We have a new 'Practical Solutions' series of workshops that cover a wide variety of areas of inclusive practice. These can be run in staff sessions or pupil free days or whenever you and your staff choose. Practical Teaching Solutions Workshop Series. The DDA Disability Standards for Education (2005) do have teeth - What do they mean for you and your school, and your overall teaching?

These are designed for both primary and secondary teachers. They can be run for specific groups or across full school staff. We work with Principal groups across regions, guidance officers and any other session you want us to tailor to your needs.

Understand the theory/issues and knowledge – Put this all into practice with practical solutions …

A series of practical, solution-based, fun professional development workshops: You can choose one or any combination of the workshops and topics listed below. We can run them throughout the year or as a one off. You decide what your school and staff need to know. Each Workshop stands alone, however they can all build on one another as innovative, fun learning sessions. Want to add some interest to staff meetings?- Have a staff meeting series. The sessions can run after school for one to two hours or through the school day. We also conduct pupil free day half or full day sessions.

You choose the date, time and necessary content and we tailor the workshop to your request.

To enquire or ask more questions please email

Workshop list - areas you can choose or design your own

  • Workshop One – Understanding Physical disability. – hands on disability awareness of all the physical disability areas.
  • Workshop Two – Understanding and exploring hidden disability – Stands alone or can be Part One - One of our most popular workshops. This workshop explores and simulates all the hidden disability areas. Things like Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism. Intellectual Impairment, Speech Language issues, perceptual issues and Dyslexia. Often because we can’t see these differences they are a lot harder to understand and are often put under other labels such as behaviour management problems etc.
  • Workshop Three – Valuing difference and looking at the possibilities- Practical Solutions – Part Two of our hidden dis. Or stand alone- Solutions for effective planning, pedagogy and assessment for all. Discarding labels and still working effectively in the school environment. Whole of school approach.
  • Workshop Four – The Practical Inclusive Classroom - Creating a classroom that works for all. Layout and design, ideas about linking the physical environment together with students and teachers needs. The importance of a physical environment that caters for all. DDA Disability Standards for Education (2005) Utilising technologies to encourage inclusion.
  • Workshop Five-Understanding EAP’s and IEP’s  What are they and why are they important? ValidationA new approach to difference. Some simple solutions to the paper war.
  • Workshop Six - Government Legislation and Education - What are the Disability Standards for Education (2005)? Why are they so important for schools? What do they mean for teachers and schools overall? How do they impact on individuals and schools? The physical environment, the emotional environment and effective teaching and planning that caters for all.
  • Workshop Seven -Anti Bullying – Practical Strategies.
  • Workshop Eight - Understanding and discovering Dyslexia and reading and processing difficulties. Practical classroom solutions that really work and don’t cost a lot. Real solutions and clues about problems with reading.Workshop Nine - Understanding ADD and ADHD. Practical classroom strategies that do work.
  • Workshop Ten - Cross Cultural issues, - Multi cultural and Bi Lingualism and how to create a classroom that celebrates and utilises these children’s gifts within the classroom.
  • Workshop Eleven – Using music and art creatively for creating inclusion - Creating an inclusive classroom when there are many impacting issues happening. Using music, art and practical pedagogy to create a classroom and school that works and values all children. Socio emotional issues, ADD, ADHD etc.
  • Workshop Twelve - A new Approach to Behaviour Management - Using multiple Intelligences and group work to overcome behaviour management issues in the classroom.
  • Workshop Thirteen - Links to QCAR and the Essential learning frameworks.
  • Workshop Fourteen - Values education and the links to civics and diversity awareness – how to really teach and include values across your whole school.
  • Workshop Fifteen – The Prep year and Diversity - Exploring and Understanding the Prep year, Practical issues relating to the Early Years Curriculum Guidelines and the five Key components of an effective early years curriculum. Linking Diversity issues across the spectrum.
  • Workshop Sixteen – Using School Support Staff Effectively – Working with teacher-Aides and parents and others. Different strategies that value all. Group work etc.