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Dyslexia and Hidden Disabilities Workshop

Dyslexia and Hidden Disabilities Professional Development Workshop - Face to Face and Zoom Sessions Choices

We are often very aware of physical disabilities but find it quite a bit harder to understand disabilities like Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, Intellectual Impairment, Speech language problems, Dyslexia and many other hidden disabilities. We have three main workshops that explore hidden disabilities.

These all link directly to the Queensland College of Teachers ‘Professional Standards For Queensland Teachers’ – Standard Four - Design and Implement Learning Experiences that Value Diversity & Standard Six- Support Personal Development and Participation in Society – Also linked to the National Professional Standards for Teachers –ACARA –DETA

All participants receive a Certificate for PD linking the Standards for QCT requirements for teacher registration. - Can claim the 3 hours

Workshop One - Hidden Disability & Dyslexia and Reading and Perceptual Issues literacy workshop

One of its kind workshop – combining two of our most popular workshops  – Don’t miss the chance to participate in this ‘hands on’ active, learning experience about disability and diversity…

This first one is an exciting new Professional Development designed especially around understanding and supporting literacy and understanding dyslexia, reading problems, vision problems and perceptual motor issues evident in all classrooms. This workshop also explores some of the vision problem areas as well. Based on our experiential style workshop participants will feel and see what the problems are like. We will then explore different strategies and brainstorm ideas and work like detectives to find ways to support and encourage the students we are working with. There is no money to support this area of difference so we all need to work together to create real change.

Teacher/ Teacher Aide Professional Development Sessions – For all types of Teachers and Teacher Aides –Supporting students with reading, writing and literacy problems. How to generate strategies and solutions that create real change in hidden areas such as Dyslexia - reading and perceptual difficulties and Vision problems – unique, fun, ‘hands on’ and interactive. Lots of Practical Solutions explored… We will also look at some new technology and computer based ideas that can help – i pod/pad/ flip mino/ readers etc.

Within Education we don’t really use the word Dyslexia very much anymore, however reading perceptual problems occur in every classroom. Do you have students who sometimes just don’t seem to get it?? Or they are disengaged and disinterested? Or they are great in some areas of learning and way behind in others? An invitation to participate in some exciting Professional Development designed especially for understanding and exploring literacy and dyslexia and reading problems and how they can be discovered and helped…

This workshop suits all types of teachers and teacher aides – general, special needs etc. it does not matter what area of support you work in. Small group approach. Around the table discussion and activities. Limited to 25 participants in total so be quick to book.

Sharon Boyce won the 2008 Human Rights Award for her work with this program. It creates real knowledge and understanding of difference and explores educative techniques that really work.

  • Discussions involving real life experiences.  All questions explored.
  • The sessions aim to keep inclusion progressing to create diverse learning environments.
  • PD sessions – fun, exciting, energizing and worthwhile – building on prior knowledge.  You won’t be bored!
  • All participants receive a certificate of completion for PD.
  • 10% discount voucher for Sharon’s new book– ‘Discovering Dyslexia – Experiencing Mysteries, Exploring Solutions 
  •  It is a totally practical guide of awareness, examples, simulations and solutions.
  •  Small group sessions, guaranteed to make a difference.

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The second workshop is called 'The Inclusive Classroom/ Hidden Disabilities - Teacher Professional Development'.

It aims to give all teachers a handle on understanding some of the issues and feelings that face the students in their classroom every day. It will be a positive, energizing experience that will leave your staff with key solutions they can utilise in their everyday teaching.

We base our hands on activities around five key hidden disabilities and simulate an experience of them all. These are then related to pedagogy and curriculum. All questions are answered and resources supplied. A frequent comment from teachers is that they have often spent years researching and reading about a specific disability, like ASD, and have still not understood it. However after they have experienced our simulation and discussions help them to gain a real understanding. Through experiential learning comes a deeper understanding. Hidden disabilities are very complex and very difficult to really gain a good knowledge of. Our feedback from teachers who have completed this workshop is always that they really benefited from attending and they loved the hands on nature of the session. We are confident that if all your staff do not gain help from the session we will refund your money. This positive workshop experience takes a short amount of time. It will help solve complex problems and create solutions in your school.

Our program is unique and our simulations on Autism, Intellectual and perceptual difficulties and many of the other demonstrations are very powerful. For staff that may feel like they need a little more information on some of the students in their class who are a little bit different, these sessions will really help them gain confidence and a working knowledge of hidden disability.

Third Workshop - Understanding and exploring Physical and Hidden Disabilities -

Think about your next staff meeting or professional development session. We can run these sessions over one hour. This hour will benefit your staff forever.

We are also running some school holiday sessions and I will put the dates, times and regions up on the home page for each block of holidays. These are usually charged on a per head rate and often individual schools will support their staff to attend. Just check with your school principal.

School based Sessions/Individual Sessions

Staff per session: maximum 50 (flexible)

Session Length Approx: 60 or 90 minutes to half day or full day. (flexible / pupil free days, staff meetings, cluster meetings…you choose.)

Cost on application - neg. depending on session length etc.

To book or enquiries: Contact Us