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Discovering DisAbility & Diversity

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Exciting News …Book Launch Happened - Brisbane Parliament House

You can buy the book here  Just click here and it will  take you straight to the online shop and you just choose the book and you can pay using paypal.  Or you can send me an email and I can send you a copy.  

Order Now and receive your Bonus and Special price for 2022 - ‘Discovering Dyslexia – Experiencing Mysteries and Exploring Solutions - a resource and information guide for students, teachers, parents, and educators.’

Author - Sharon Boyce

ISBN – 978-0-9581610-3-9

I am really excited about this dyslexia book. It is a resource and information guide covering everything about dyslexia and what it means and how it has been seen through history; But it is a whole lot more than that...experiential awareness and understanding is the key to this book. It is exploring hidden disability and difference.

If you order and buy the book online by clicking on the link above you will also be sent a bonus pack with some surprise goodies that help explore dyslexia and create some solutions of support that are explored in the book. Click here for more details

The book presents a whole new way to understand what dyslexia is and what it actually means for people who experience it. It uses examples as simulations of real texts to create a feeling of the frustration and the way information is processed for a person with dyslexia. It can be used in so many different ways. It depends on your role as to what you want to gain from the book or how you want to use it, to either help yourself or to help others or both! There is really nothing else like this resource and it can be used in so many ways. I love the fact it is easy to read and I love the reactions I get from people who have used this and really benefited from it. Check out more details at the shop and our resource information pages.


You can buy the book here


Free 'Voice of Boyce' Dyslexia Videos

You can also listen to some of my free 'Voice of Boyce' information videos that explore some solutions and different areas that impact on individuals in society. You can subscribe to my youtube channel and listen free to some of the variety of subjects that have been uploaded. 

Latest Video: 

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How can I book a online zoom Dyslexia and Hidden Disability workshop for either my full school staff or my teacher aide staff?

All you have to do is send me an email with your required day and time and any specific needs your group has. I then give you a call and we can create a online workshop that matches yours and your staffs needs. I can run sessions in staff meetings and I can do half day sessions as well as a series of shorter sessions if that is needed. The sessions are fully flexible and can be run via zoom or teams, whichever platform is required. 

How can I join a Dyslexia Awareness session for teacher and teacher aides?

I run these sessions every few months and get together a group of interested individuals who want to do a online awareness session. The last sessions have included people from right across Australia who have very diverse questions and work across a variety of different support areas. Most participants ask their school or principal to support them to attend the session. You can send me an email to let me know you are interested in going on the list for the next session or you can just email me with questions you would like me to cover in the next session. This is an area that is developing and growing in many ways. 

Disability Awareness Training Workshops - Discovering DisAbility and Diversity Program of Experiential Learning 
The Discovering DisAbility and Diversity program is a disability awareness program that is based around unique hands-on experiential activities. It is a mobile inclusive education experience that allows participants to experience a taste of disability and then create a response and solutions to that experience. Presented by a person with lived expert experience. It was developed and designed by Sharon Boyce, and it promotes the active discovery of disability and diversity through various hands-on activities. It has been running for the past fifteen years and aims at creating real understanding of key disability areas, both the physical and the hidden areas. It links experience to real life and encourages participants, whether children or adults, to make adjustments to their lives once they have a real understanding of disability. The program allows children and adults to experience disability and diversity in their own environment. We bring the program to you. This encourages tolerance and resilience and also lessens bullying. What do people say about the workshop?
Bardon State School - 'Thank you for the sensational day'.
Brisbane State High School - Nancy and Olivia- 'Wonderful day of learning'.
Toowoomba Regional Council Footpath and Roads Staff- 'My arms were so tired from the wheelchairs. I thought the pathway was level but I kept running towards the road. I am really too tired to actually complete the job I was given to do to deliver this form to the front office. I thought that would be so easy but my day has become so hard!'

Thank you so much, Sharon, the team and I really enjoyed the Dyslexia workshop. We want to do the follow-up course.

It was handy to see how the students “see” from their point of view of different variances of Dyslexia, and then doing the exercise, so we were almost in “their shoes”. We found these kinaesthetic exercises most eye-opening and useful to know how the students might feel. It was interesting to learn about and experience the sample of the spectrum of Dyslexia with the reading exercises. Lastly, we all appreciated the strategies given to try and also the warm and approachable vibe that you gave to the workshop, so we felt contacted asking you questions at any time. Thank you again for the resources and knowledge!    Regards, Adrian Chin (Learning and Support Co-ordinator), Newtown High School of the Performing Arts

Mt Tamborine SHS

A Collection of Comments about Inclusion and What Changes, if any, we will make as teachers to our classroom or attitude after we have attended a session of DDD

  • Today made me empathize more with those who struggle daily with these disabilities.
  • Thank you. The activities were great!! I will remember to place less info on my handouts and use a larger font with colours.
  • Appreciation of the difficulty experienced on a daily basis.
  • The extreme difficulties some students go through doing everyday tasks
  • I will be spending a lot more time with those students who have an impairment. I learnt quite a few things.
  • I felt I need to learn more about how to identify students who are having issues.
  • This was a very enjoyable way to ‘put yourself in another’s shoes’.
  • The session was enlightening-found out a lot-developed empathy.
  • Experiencing the emotions students may face-I want to learn more and be more aware-of students and how I can create good learning.
  • I realise how seriously difficult it is for some of my students. I would like a follow up with some specific strategies so they are not slipping through the system.
  • Great to be aware of all these issues. Blind activity great.
  • This afternoon was mind-expanding!-it was excellent to-somewhat-physically experience this. Thanks.
  • Today I realized how my son will feel/experience as his sight continues to deteriorates-also frustrated over how I will be unable to help him.
  • I think it would be good for other students to experience what we did. Eye opening to their reality.
  • I learnt that when you are not good at something you need quiet and lots of concentration.
  • I felt inadequate and slow all afternoon-so would need to counter that with my students-be understanding.


Sharon is committed to creating a world where real lived inclusion is possible. She believes by real hands on education and experience and by telling her story and the stories of others that barriers can be broken down and real understanding can be achieved.

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Sharon has designed and developed programs for children and adults to experience disability and diversity in their own environment. Also teacher professional development workshops sessions which create real understanding and experience of disability.

Find out about the Programs


We have developed resources to assist your understanding of disability and diversity, and for your promotion of equity and an understanding of disability in schools and organisations.

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