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Discovering DisAbility & Diversity

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  The Discovering DisAbility and Diversity program is a disability awareness program that is based around unique hands-on experiential activities. It is a mobile inclusive education experience that allows participants to experience a taste of disability and then create a response and solutions to that experience. Presented by a person with lived expert experience.It was developed and designed by Sharon Boyce, and it promotes the active discovery of disability and diversity through various hands-on activities. It has been running for the past fifteen years and aims at creating real understanding of key disability areas, both the physical and the hidden areas. It links experience to real life and encourages participants, whether children or adults, to make adjustments to their lives once they have a real understanding of disability. The program allows children and adults to experience disability and diversity in their own environment. We bring the program to you. This encourages tolerance and resilience and also lessens bullying.


Sharon is committed to creating a world where real lived inclusion is possible. She believes by real hands on education and experience and by telling her story and the stories of others that barriers can be broken down and real understanding can be achieved.

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Sharon has designed and developed programs for children and adults to experience disability and diversity in their own environment. Also teacher professional development workshops sessions which create real understanding and experience of disability.

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We have developed resources to assist your understanding of disability and diversity, and for your promotion of equity and an understanding of disability in schools and organisations.

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