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Disability Training Institute

The Disability Training Institute has a number of key areas that it focuses on and it is run by Dr Sharon Boyce who is a very experienced disability consultant with over 30 years of professional work behind her. She is an advocate who is an expert in a variety of different areas relating to access and inclusion. Sharon is available to come to your organisation or business to help you undertake health checks and explore whether your business or organisation is inclusive and also analyse how it may be able to perform even better across all areas of society. It provides a variety of different options and experiences for disability awareness sessions. These link to many areas of the NDIS. They link across all areas of our community as well. 

There are a variety of different sessions and many different ways the information can be explored and presented.We tailor everything around what your organisation requires and wants. Everything is designed around your needs and how you want to approach access and inclusion in your own unique way. The Institute will then help you formulate how you want to approach this and we can then link together with you to help you create real change that will make your organisational business stand out from the crowd.

Sharon can help your group to actively participate in workshops and can also help run focus groups to gather information that you may need for your organisation to explore the different directions you may want to take.

If you are interested in engaging Dr Sharon Boyce for any speaking engagements she is available at any time to be able to come to your organisation physically or join in via zoom or teams and can link across many diverse areas within inclusion and access. She will bring her lived experience and her work on codesign to your organisation in order to explore new ways of doing things.

All of the work that the Disability Training Institute's involved with is about exploring issues hands-on. No sessions will be presented without this approach included. That means that there will be no chance to be bored and everybody's personal story will be explored and woven into the way that we want to create real disability awareness and real understanding of what inclusion means. There is no wrong questions and every session and every area that is explored will help your organisation or business generate new ideas and create an exciting approach for every person involved. All of the interactions that we have with you will be meaningful and enjoyable.

Sharon is an expert in information technology and different ways for people with a disability to be able to be part of the technology community. She is able to advise about using voice activated software the use of touch technology and the many ways we can integrate zoom and teams into the everyday workplace. All these areas give people with disability great access into the community and they are able to participate unlike in the past when people with disability were more excluded.

Some of Sharon's areas of expertise are linked around accessible transport and the way that we can do things better across all areas of Australia. She uses a large motorised wheelchair which means that access in some areas of transport is almost impossible. She is part of many different government committees and access areas and is a qualified auditor as well. If your company needs auditing or information in any of these areas please just contact Sharon Boyce or the Disability Training Institute in order to find out more and link to many of the solution based approaches and strategies that she promotes.

She also does a lot of work around systemic advocacy and how people with disability can be included in part of all areas of society. How can we do things better? How can the organisation or government's area that we work in really understand and explore what could work best for people with disability? What is real respect and how can people with disability be included in the workplace and employment. This is one key area that the Institute focuses on and if you want your business  to stand out as a leader in this area Sharon can help generate many fresh ideas and can also help your business or organisation become a leader in the area of access and inclusion.

Sharon particularly is interested around the legacy of the Olympic and Paralympic games. She is part of the 2032 Olympic Legacy committee. We can make changes now and we can be leaders in this area as well. The disability training Institute has a real focus on the importance of people with disability being leaders in their community. The gifts a person with disability has  a varied and if we utilise those gifts and the work that we do we can come together as a society to make real valid change.

If you are wanting to develop disability action plans Sharon will be able to help with this process as she is aware of both the legislation and government policy in this area. Sharon has a strong knowledge of the international charter of the rights of people with disability and is able to weave this and current government policy into all the work that you may need to design in your organisation or business.

Any ideas you have and want to discuss please feel free to send an email and ask the questions that you want to know. Sharon is part of the Independent Advisory Council for the National Disability Insurance Agency she has a strong knowledge within this space as well. Sharon is also chair of a number of different disability organisation boards and she can bring this knowledge as well as her recent graduation from the AICD to help develop any strategy that you want your business to showcase.


The Early Years - some pictures from the  interactive sessions run with the early childhood teachers exploring and experiencing many areas of disability and the impact it has on them. Experiential learning is central to the exploration process within in the Disability Training Institute.