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Discovering Dyslexia Kit

It was very exciting to finally launch Discovering Dyslexia – my dyslexia information kit to the world. The kit is a how-to guide for everybody and anybody who has ever wondered about dyslexia or is affected by dyslexia in some way. There are examples of what dyslexia feels and looks like. There are a huge variety of solutions that are explored and demonstrated. It is very hands on with many simulations and a variety of page types and colours with which the reader can engage and explore issues further. It even has a ruler and highlighters to help with word building and understanding. The book is available in the online shop or by emailing me directly. The cost of the folder is $175. The folder is made up of 10 chapters that explore dyslexia historically, as well as educationally. There are chapters that immerse the reader in an experience of feeling what dyslexia is like and there are also chapters that recreate what dyslexia looks like for some people. It does not proport that it covers every type of dyslexia, but what it does is try to capture what it feels like to have dyslexia and have to participate in our everyday world.