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Another Day in a Life of Sharon Boyce – A person with a disability – Education Resource Kit

'Another Day in the Life of Sharon Boyce - A Person with a Physical Disability - Educational Resource Kit' A- $200

ISBN - 978-0-9581610-4-6
This is an first of its kind educational resource kit about living with a physical disability. It has twenty-six laminated wall posters and a dvd included as part of the kit contents. It is also loaded with information on disability policy and educational resources for all age groups. The kit is divided into sections with information for teachers, carers, anyone in the disability sector, families, teacher aides, doctors, in fact anyone who wants to find out more about the lived life of a person with a physical disability. The visual as well as the words help explain many concepts and equipment used to support an inclusive life for people who live with physical disability. The kit also explores current disability policy, standards and directions of support in Australia and even the broader world context. It contains many different activities and ideas that can be used to create an awareness of physical disability across many different areas of life. It is useful for people with disability and their families. It is also a very useful tool for those who support individuals with physical disability.