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Dragonfly Over Water


Dragonfly Over Water - AUD 200.00

This is another in my dragonfly series of paintings. It captures a summer day with dragonflies flying over water. The metallic colours of the dragonflies contrast against the smooth tranquil light blue waters beneath them. This painting uses mixed media and mixed applications of that media onto the paper. The texture and surface of the water and grass leads the eye downwards and creates a harmonious background for the dragonflies that are central to this painting.  The three dragonflies link to the old style image of the three ducks in a kitchen, a modern take on an old idea. The placement of these dragonflies in the painting is essential. They are moving across the water. They are determined, they are free and they know where they are going. They only have a few hours to complete their journey. Their beauty and yet fragility is fleeting. They are celebrated, central to this painting. A black mat in a silver A3 frame completes this image.