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We have a number of very interesting and well priced disability resources available directly from our website.

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We have developed these resources to assist you with the promotion of equity and an understanding of disability in schools and organisations.

Set of Laminated A4 poster cards illustrating life with a physical disability - 26 cards.

A children’s storybook dealing with a disability in the family.

Two different speech language games - 'No-Talk Go-Fish' and 'No-Talk Snap'.

DVD - Discovering Disability & Diversity program for schools in action.

DVD - Discovering Disability & Diversity - Exploring key hidden disabilities program for adults.


Educational Resource Kit - 'Another Day in the Life of Sharon Boyce - A person with a Physical Disability.'
This kit consists of a number of resources available for teachers, community workers or really anyone who wants to learn more about physical disability and how to understand it more.


Discovery at Paradise Island - 2nd Edition
is a children's adventure storybook written for audiences aged seven to twelve
years. The story gives children a chance to learn and discover about disability. 


Another Day in the Life of Sharon Boyce DVD

DVD Movie - 'A Day in the Life of Sharon Boyce. A person with a physical disability.'

The DVD is broken down into ten different five minute scenes that show how a person with a physical disability lives their life everyday. It begins with getting up in the morning and progresses through the day with the lived experience of a person who has to do things differently.