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Discovery at Paradise Island

Discovery at Paradise Island has been chosen as a selected text for the NSW Board of Studies School Syllabus for English K-10

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ISBN 978-0-9581610-6-0

Children's storybook written by Sharon Boyce.
Discovery at Paradise Island is great for school years 3-7 (Ages 6-12 approx.) especially. It is an early chapter reader and it links directly to the SOSE and English syllabus. it explores culture and identity and the topic of disability in the family. The book is designed to explore disability on a deeper level as well as involve the reader in solving a mystery. It has links to specific tasks at the end of each chapter that encourage the reader to reflect on the story and content. It explores literacy and numeracy and code breaking as part of the storytelling process. Sharon won the Disability Action Week Award for Individuals (2003) for her work writing this book.