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Discovery at Paradise Island – Double CD Audio Book


Discovery at Paradise Island - 2nd Edition

is a children's adventure storybook written for audiences aged seven to twelve years. The story gives children a chance to learn and discover about disability. This book aims to develop children’s literacy, numeracy and social intelligence, while at the same time making it exciting and fun to read. It integrates into the school SOSE syllabus and also critical literacies and numeracy with the code breaking work. It has teacher and parent directed activities included and engagement questions at the end of each chapter to encourage children to think about what they have read and apply it to their own lives.

This book has also been designed to appeal to adult readers who may have problems with literacy as well as ESL or migrant learners.There are focus questions at the end of each chapter and at the end of the book there are many parent and teacher activities and extra questions that explore the book and issues of physical disability and its impact on the family. These can be used as conversation starters or to generate deeper level thinking about the story and the issues raised within it. Teachers can develop the themes from this book and explore the impact of disability awareness on their own class. The book also includes code breaking and numeracy so these can be developed further as rich tasks in the classroom or even at home.

The book links into the SOSE syllabus especially the Culture and Identity strand, as well as critical literacy and numeracy. It also is a much needed resource in the area of disability awareness. The engagement questions at the end of each chapter encourage children to think about the issues they are reading about and to apply them to their own lives. At the conclusion of the book it has a section containing teacher and parent directed activities. These can be used to develop a unit of work or activities based around the book and the themes contained within it.