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Over the Rainbow


Over the Rainbow- AUD 200.00

The rainbow is central to this painting. It is created using oil based pastels and metallic based pastels. Rain drops cascade from the top to the bottom f this painting. Are they raindrops or are they tears? Layered over this thick paper is acrylic paint applied with water, plastic and spray. The opposing forces between the wax and the water create a texture and an uneven and almost lace type layer that has to be looked through in order to focus on what is behind. There is a complexity and duality of happiness and sadness in this painting. There are many messages going on here. It is a reflection as well as a confrontation. The ending is not exactly clear. It is a process and this painting is complex. However, it is pleasing and an energy emerges as well as a calm influence because of the colour balance and the different application of line. A wide white border stabilizes this painting within the black A3 frame.