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Ocean Reflection


Ocean Reflection - AUD 200.00

This image was created using my wheelchair tires and paint applied onto the canvas as I wheeled backwards and forwards to create movement and energy and a symbolic vision of the ocean at play. The varied and broad applications of blue and green acrylic paint both coalesce together in their cool hues and contrast off each other as roiling waves. The line is both strong as well as delicate and the dropped paint blends to create a synergy and active reflection. Experimenting with different applications of acrylic paint onto canvas is quite exciting. The wheelchair, when used as a tool behind the wheels, creates a flow and a different approach in the creation of this painting. You need to work fast but also step away from the canvas in order to ensure that the finished work does reflect exactly what you want to portray. The ocean emerges from this painting clearly and distinctly and the A3 wooden and metallic frame completes this finished and different abstract creation.