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Musical Sunrise


Musical Sunrise - AUD 200.00

A lively mixed media approach was used to create this painting. Musical symbols and bright colour reflects the energy of morning. The eye is drawn into the painting and more symbolism and layers are scraped away. Acrylic paint, oil pastel and metallic ink was used to create this painting. Sprayed water and applied plastic also helped to create texture within the paint application. The water based paint drew away from the waxed pastels to create movement and energy and a lack of fusion between the elements. However, the balance on either side seems to be symmetrical, which counterbalances the movement in the media.  This plays with the eyes and plays with our expectations of what the painting is reflecting. The energy at sunrise is amazing and to link music with this experience, the power of the painting becomes even stronger. Black and white and pink matting are used with a black A2 frame to complete this work.