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Discovery at Paradise Island – Dyslexia Font EBook – UNLIMITED LICENCE

ISBN: paperback - 978-0-9581610-9-1

Title: Discovery at Paradise Island – second edition Printed in Open Dyslexic Font - Especially Helpful for Individuals with Dyslexia Ebook

To be able to download the children’s story book Discovery at Paradise Island E book in dyslexia font to your particular device you need to choose which device you want to download the book to and then go to the apps store of the relevant device, for an apple phone you go to the apple link or Kindle for the Samsung or Android phone you go to google play link etc.

 This purchase gives you unlimited certificate to use on as many devices in one school for $50

Pdf version - you can also email me and request a pdf file be directly sent to your email for you to upload onto any device. My email address is